Sean and Ruth Testimony

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Joanne A. Duchene
Joanne A. Duchene
1 year ago

Sean & Ruth! The things you said was mostly what is/was going through!! I too heard about the 503c3 from Mark Taylor and it started to really bother me about this small church I was attending. I asked the pastor about it and he brushed the subject off, didn’t want to discuss it. Then when they noticed I wasn’t attending after a few weeks, instead of love and concern, I got hit with (what I felt) judgement. I am single and live alone, so I am trying to go online to learn about God. If you have any suggestions for… Read more »

Linda Jane Ramsey
Linda Jane Ramsey
1 year ago

Well this is encouraging, I have been listening to Elijah’s list prophets for a while, been in the past in a Evangelical Church where our whole family was saved. However around 1998 got pulled into the Messianic movement where it was great in many ways loved how they worshiped G-d and the Feasts have great purpose and meaning however after 15 years of being there we saw the leadership in the Congregation was very controlling with the attitude that the rabbi was our head!!! Anyway to long of a story, we left! Had to take care of my demented mother… Read more »

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