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Over the years, I have often wondered why these non-denominational churches that are huge, (Mega churches) as they are known, are located in some of the most God forbidden locations in our major cities and satan’s attacks upon righteousness and moral government prevails what appears victory for evil. Evil is always growing and righteousness no longer present. Russ, you finally revealed why nothing seems to happen to change the course of depravity in our so called churches, communities, cities and most important…U.S.Government. The church is ineffective. A building is powerless. The Ekklesia is powerful and this is why, (us) the Ekklesia have the Authority.”Been given the Keys to go on the OFFENSIVE THROUGH SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Praise God. Thanks for this lesson. I’m excited to step out this week with the homework assignment and looking forward to next weeks lesson. Blessings, Wayne S.

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Big Brown Bear
Big Brown Bear
1 year ago

Why am I angry that there is so much evil what causes this? I’m angry that these people are calling all that is wicked good and shaming those who opose it and believe in righteousness.

David Stafford
David Stafford
1 year ago

First, I would like to say thank you brother Russ for your teaching on this subject of Clergy \ Laity – the worldly system currently governing the Church. Because I was not raised in the church, I am finding that I have had less bad doctrine to unlearn although I was still affected by this system. Case and point, I have been ordained by the church three times since my new birth in 1984. This is not because I was seeking such but because of my unorthodox approach of doing what I plainly saw in the Bible and the church… Read more »

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