A Healing Testimony

Ekklesia In Action!

Miracle Testimony: from one of our Ekklesia brethren:

I have a relative who’s granddaughter has a brain tumor. She has had multiple surgeries since preschool age. Because of the location of the tumor, complete removal was never an option. It was concerned that eventually, this tumor would take this child’s life. With each surgery, only little was removed.

Recently, this little girl was scheduled for yet another surgery. The Holy Spirit lead our group to pray for separation & isolation of the tumor. During the time of her surgery, one of us had a vision of Jesus holding the child’s head up from underneath, as if supporting it.

The next day, the little girl had her follow up MRI to see how much of the tumor was still present.

The Neurosurgeon was very pleased to deliver the MRI results: NO visible sign of the tumor. NONE!

The reason complete removal was never an option, is because the tumor was located ON her brain stem AND on her spinal cord. What a wonderful God we serve!!

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I have for a long time been a believer that we need another reformation, not revival. The reformation of 500 years ago got us out of the Catholic system but barely, and no farther, certainly not anywhere near the book of Acts! Regarding healing, Luke was a Doctor. He wrote more of the NT than any other writer. He NEVER mentioned medicine! Why do we still do meds and operations? I have a daughter who is a three time cancer survivor. She is suppose to be dead not but God healed her without any meds and she is a walking… Read more »

Anita Timmons
Anita Timmons

I read a book recently, about a Louisianan, who started a ministry in Mexico. He was an eighth generation preacher. Long story short, the man actually learned to heal, and claims to have raised 33 people from the dead, so far. His name is David Hogan. I believe the reports. My mother raised me from the dead, when I was six years old. Something like that changes you for life. Maybe I’m coming out with too much at once, but true believers should know that Jesus did not fool around. He didn’t hide the fact that He could heal or… Read more »

Joshua' Paul

There is a Discipline that is necessary in order for one to walk the same walk as Yawsua’ did. That Discipline stems from fasting as Led by The Holy Spirit during every moment of your fasting. Including what to or not to eat or drink. And when too do so and not do so. As well as how much too partake. Seek our Father in solitude and intimate Prayer as well as Study God’s Word on Fasting. Then simply Obey your Abbas Wishes and Seperate yourself from every one – but in a safe place. Then Seek Gods Presence in… Read more »

Linda Hayne
Linda Hayne

God is good all the time!

J . Adams
J . Adams

We are all called to be upright,honest with ourselves , others and especially with our Father God.Definatly the path to the anointing . Serve now, reign later ! Have confidence in our God to do all that is promised. Amen ! Preach the gospel to every creature. We are the book of Acts church and have been given the victory to do greater things.