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The last few weeks have been crazy and yet fruitful. Many listeners to Mark Taylor’s interviews have contacted and signed up for the home congregation training classes. All summer classes start in July. Classes are free and challenging. If you are called to home ministry, check us out! CLICK HERE

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Elizabeth Sisney
Elizabeth Sisney

6/28/19 Hi my name is Elizabeth Sisney and use to Preach and teach Bible Studies in my church. Unfortunately something serious happened to me and other women by our Pastor. I left the Church. Andwe, the Women brought it to the attention of the Leaders of the Denomination. Instead of removing the Pastor, Instead they sent him to another Church and asked us, the Women to leave the Church. Needless to say this was very hurtful and caused me to leave and never go back to a Church. I continued to serve the Lord, pray and study the word and… Read more »

Pam dodsworth
Pam dodsworth

I left the institutional 501c3 circus several years ago. I love the Lord but cannot bring myself to re enter the institutional world. The very nature of any institution is to preserve itself and sacrifice the dispensable individual. I had no idea anyone else on the planet had figured out the danger of 501c3 or denominationalism until a few days ago I discovered these groups. I get shot down by everyone I try to explain it to. I believe God transplanted me from urban Egypt to the high COLORADO desert tending sheep to bring me healing and to allow me… Read more »