Ekklesia Rising…

Word from Tim Sheets just before Pentecost. . .
“The Ekklesia are being seated in their regional spheres of influence and their angels are aligning with the assigning of their regional roles. Now see a clear merger, heaven and earth will merge in unified purpose to escalate the King’s victory to expand His Kingdom government. The merger of the earth realm and the spirit realm will surge in this new Pentecost era (he emphasized that this is not a recovering of the early Pentecost but a NEW Pentecost.)”
—it is no wonder things are heating up. As the Ekklesia grows in number and activation of our authority the space in which the enemy has to operate is getting smaller (like an enormous garbage compactor where the walls are moving in to crush). Someone or thing in that position would do anything to keep from being crushed. BUT there is no way out.” – From Sharon B

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Odessa Miller
Odessa Miller
1 year ago

Shalom, I am new to Omega Kingdom Congregations and look forward to receiving more understanding about your mission. Although I am aware of its foundation from Mark Taylor and 100% believe in his word and revelation about the 501-C3 along with personal wisdom pertaining to its roots. After listening to Mark Taylor and his documentary, along with other videos on the revelation of 501-C3 and our Exodus, it is my understanding we are to disconnect from church or ministry that is a 501-C3. My question -how then can we follow and use their Prophecy’s? If I have misunderstood could you… Read more »

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