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Dear Mr. Wagner,

I am eager to begin this study course. I registered a few weeks ago and finally am ready to begin. I bought the books as e-books except one was only available as a real book and it should arrive on Friday. The Lord just keeps sending confirmations. Just on Monday, Prophet Kim Clement, from a video in 2014 said “The living room will be My church”. I attend an Assembly of God church in Oscoda, Mi. I play keyboard and sing. I started going to conferences at Shekina Church in Ann Arbor with Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, etc. back in the early 2000s. Through this stream I attended The Healing Stream, and The School of the Holy Spirit in Southfield, Mi. under Bob King. Then I went to School of the Prophets at Marion Christian Center International in Marion Ohio where Prophet Jim Stevens sponsored me. I did walk away from the prophetic for years mostly because I didn’t understand spiritual warfare. But now God said it’s time. I am aware I need someone to be accountable to and I am hoping that is you because I need a mentor. I need to align myself with solid prophetic people. My pastor isn’t against the prophetic he’s just not schooled in it. This area is hard ground to plow. Thanks for reading this long email

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Earl Foster Yates
1 year ago

I have been a Baptist for 0ver 60 years and have been pastoring and teaching GODS word just about all my life the last church I pastored was in Louisville, Ky. when I left the church I started looking for a new church where the Lord was in and after 6years I have all but given up so I made a search on the internet and heard Mark Taylor and He mentioned this sight so I would like to start a home ministry and make a difference in peoples lives have repented for ever being a Baptist and teaching and… Read more »

1 year ago

Where r u located ?
We r in Oklahoma but need to find a congregation closer than Tulsa.

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