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NO MORE!! I Will Not Hold It Back! 11/19 – Prophecy of Power

(these words came in the middle of the night in power as I was praying and praising God and talking to Jesus)

(Jesus Speaking)
I gave Moses every detail of how to make the temple. I whispered in his ear and he was attuned to My voice and obeyed it.
I spoke unto Noah; I called him out and I laid My hand on him to make the Ark. I gave him each detail, a master blue print from My hand.
Even so have I laid out THIS PLAN to save the world. It is My hand and My doing through those yielded to Me.

For I have seen the evils of this cabal continually before Me, the stench of their crimes to children and humanity are innumerable and increase in the intensity of their perversion and satanic devilishness.
And out of My mouth is a sword of fire with which I will smite the nations.
For they increase in iniquity to no end so that even Sodom would be ashamed to see it….And they continue in devouring My souls, My children … and their was no remedy and no deliverer to stop them.
BUT, I have raised up a force among the very people the evil ones used to bring the misery of war and the scourge of the sword to many nations, even the very American military.

The Christian and righteous military leaders who saw and know well the atrocities done in the name of anti terrorism, who then became the vehicle of terror themselves, destroying nations under false pretenses, unknowingly, to advance the evil agenda of the cabal for their lord, Satan.
But My hand worked in these military leaders, for I knew their desire and their hearts, that they were for good and were fed up…

they organized the plan to take back the country and even the world from these festering sores of selfish evil ones.

For they (the cabal) served Satan well, giving themselves over to all lascheiviousness, perversion of their lusts,, willingly yielding to Satan’s own spirit, so they could receive his wealth and power, great wealth with which they enslaved humanity.

I say to you THIS IS MY DOING ( the plan to save) and it is MARVELOUS in My eyes. It is My hand on them for they (US military generals) stepped into this calling by faith and I met them. I met their obedience and have empowered them with My Trump…for I say to YOU,, this is MY MOVE on the chessboard of the world stage…

It is I that have raised the standard of righteous indignation against the servants of Satan to STOP their high wicked crimes of slaughtering the souls of the world…
BECAUSE My children My people cried out in heart and soul for decades for deliverance from these MONSTERS
Therefore have I MOVED… it is MY DOING and I expose MY HAND and MY SELF to you through this.
And this showing of MYSELF to you is a sign to you that time is late.
Those who cannot see My hand in this, who call good evil, and evil as good shall fall by the wayside in unfruitfulness for they did not discern My body and My hand, so they have cut themselves off from the flow of My power, My voice and truth, and My heart…. And yet they think they serve ME!
They serve Me in their own spirit and not Mine.

But you who see Me move, who discern My hand in this, are those who are seeking Me in truth…You are those who will have My SELF revealed to you in your heart and spirit… I will open My self to you more and you will know Me in clarity of My reality… and this shall cause you to weep tears of joy

BEHOLD I will do a NEW THING, and NOW it shall spring forth and NOW it shall come to pass…
My little ones shall come alive with power and they shall KNOW Me and I will use them, little in their own sight, and little in man’s eyes, but great in Mine for they embrace Me with all their soul.

THEY shall PROCLAIM My truth with POWER and AUTHORITY even as My own disciples lived. And MY WORDS through them shall BREAK THE NATIONS.
The high places and the lofty ones who ruled and reigned in luxury, extravagance and in pride, rebellion, perversion and iniquity… they will be broken down.

My flaming sword of My words in the mouths of My servants shall break down their high seats of authority and shall LEVEL THEM, My FIRE will pour out of your mouth like a stream of unquenchable fire.
It is My sword that shall make straight the crooked paths and beat down the high hills of power into submission to Me. For I will be the power in My people and they will smite the nations with the words of My mouth before the day of My return to make it straight to prepare the world for that dreadful day of My Coming.

(I asked for a scripture to confirm this)
Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into submission every thought to the obedience of Christ.

The smelter has churned the fire, to melt the dross of the earth in their souls, to lay waste to satan’s kingdom, to purge the evil in the souls of the world.

A Lion has come out of his thicket… the lion of Judah that shall chase down those who pervert the earth and make merchandise of the souls of men, who pleasure themselves on the weak and helpless and even cruelly murder the innocents by millions to sell their body parts for profit.

I WILL CAUSE A FIRE TO SPRING OUT TO DEVOUR THEM and all those who do not see the evil, whose minds are shut because it is convenient to them, shall feel this fire.

BEWARE you that try to stop the mouths of My prophets and children who give themselves to ME in yielded obedience.

I WILL BE IN THEM as I was with Elijah, and Moses, and Samson and as with John the baptist…To beat down the prophets of Baal, Dagon, Jezebel and those who say they serve Me but use My name to be rich and empower themselves.


NO. Think NOT that I am come to bring peace, for how can there be peace with such evil and such complacency with evil. I WILL COME TO BEAT DOWN THE CHAFF, AND DRIVE THEM OUT OF MY TEMPLE of My heart….
And will DIVIDE the sheep from the goats, and the darkened hearts from the light, to preserve My people who seek Me FROM those who seek themselves and the Enemy.

THUS SAITH THE LORD even JESUS CHRIST, the Son of God…My hand shall fall heavy upon those who will execute MY judgments, and My will. And THAT will be the sign that it is MY hand, My will and Me doing it through them.

And this will be My Sweet Mercies to those of you who love My goodness and truth.

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Special Prayer Alert


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A group called Jericho March, is organizing Noon marches daily at each State Capitol and every Court House in every county from now until December. 14.  December 14 is the date the Electoral College casts it votes for the U.S. Presidential Election. 

The Lord God says in James 2:14-26, “Faith without works is dead”.  It is time to mobilize, rallying and participating at the Jericho March event.   It is time to stand behind President Trump and all that the United States of America stands for.  You can do this by emailing  and in the subject line type:  Jill Nobel.  Provide your name, email address, and address, and request the coordinator for your county.

Additionally, support President Trump by also by emailing him at daily.  Tell him you are behind him, you are praying for him, his family, his staff, his legal team, and all those working and serving him.  Request contact information for your local organizer, providing your name, address, and the county you reside in. 

The purpose of these rallies is to openly voice our discontent with out governmental officials and tell them with a voice, loud and clear, “We Are Not Putting Up with the Fraud, Corruption, and Illegal Voting that has Occurred in our Presidential Elections”.  I personally NOW question all of the elections at the local, state, and federal elections.  The House and the Senate elections along with all other elections on the November 3 ballots should be examined for fraud and recounted.

The following information was provided by a very reliable source that cannot be divulged.  If the Supreme Court determines the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election is invalid on a countrywide scale, the election will take two paths:

  • The election will be ruled unconstitutional, and mail-in ballots will be removed and the states will be ordered to recount the votes.
  • The Supreme Court will rule the election invalid due to mass voter fraud.  At this point, Congress, the House and the Senate, will vote on who will be the next President.  Every State gets one vote.  Currently, 30 States are held by Republicans and 19 by Democrats.  The vote is cast by party line as dictated by the Constitution’s 12th Amendment.  Then, the Senate votes for the Vice President. 

This will happen in January.  The content in this email is fact.  President Trump has won the election, and many prophets have prophesied this outcome.  The only way President Trump will not be our president is, if he concedes. 

Stop watching the fake news, and don’t let your heart be troubled and live your life knowing according 2 Chronicles 20:15, “The battle is not ours but God’s”, and God’s Word never returns void, but accomplishes that which is intended (Isaiah 55:11). 

Some good places to get the truth on what’s going on is One American News (OAN), Newsmax, and .  Continue to pray for divine protection for President Trump, his family, staff, and all those supporting him.  Email him to keep him encouraged.  Pray for his spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional states.  Ask God to cover him from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.  Pray for him every time you pray.

One final fact is in 2000 Gore was President Elect for 30-days, until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. Two people part of that decision were Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. That is why the Democrats tried so hard to keep Justice Barrett from being confirmed.

Father God is the final on any decision.  This is the fight for our way of life and our children’s children, and all future generations.  We declare and decree in Jesus name, we are in this fight and we are winning…Praise be to our God…!!!  We thank you Lord Jesus!!!

 Please share this email with everyone you know.

God bless all of you and your families!

Michael Ortega 

Strike Force of Prayer

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