Advanced Class Offering

Omega Kingdom Ministry is pleased to announce the availability of the following advanced class:

The Ekklesia and the Kingdom of God – by Coach Russ Wagner

Two classes are now open for bootcamp graduates interested in this training that is essentially an online Ekklesia with Bible Study…The Kingdom of God.

Class details and a registration form are located at:

Additional classes coming online soon include:

II. How to Study The Bible – by Thomas Pierce UNDER DEVELOPMENT

III. Principles of Spiritual Warfare – by Mike & JuLee Hoke UNDER DEVELOPMENT

IV. Ministering Deliverance & Inner Healing – by Gaile Mitchell UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Please check the website in mid-February for class start times.


Leadership Team

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Linda Goines
Linda Goines
1 year ago

I don’t believe that the bible that we have today is really the true bible. It has been rewritten so many times by men that had their own opinions of what the bible should say, I feel that if they didn’t like what it said they changed it to the way they believed it should have said. I may be wrong but I believe we are going to find the true bible hidden in the Vatican vaults. Books have been left out of our bible that are important to the understanding of Gods word. We need the true word of… Read more »

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