Meet Our Team

Michael Ortega & Strike Force of Prayer -Official Prayer Support Team

Mike Hoke (MH), Roundtable and Coach | |  Bio
JuLee Hoke (JH), Roundtable and Coach | |  Bio
Kevin Bushey (KB),Roundtable and Coach | |  Bio
Thomas Pierce (TP), Roundtable and Coach | Bio
Russ Wagner (RW), Roundtable and Coach  | |  Bio 
Dr. Coraleen Stuart, (CS), Roundtable and Coach  | | Bio
Gaile Mitchell (GM), Roundtable and Coach | Bio
L. John Gittinger III, (JG) Roundtable and Coach|  | Bio
Jan Coverstone, (JC), Roundtable and Coach | | Bio

Rich Griffin, (RG), Coach  |
Julanda Dumay (JD), Coach  |
Alan Hoeffner ( AH), Coach  |
James Heath (JH), Coach  | |
Sean Schryba (SS), Coach  |
Ruth Schryba (RS), Coach  |
David Doty (DD), Coach |
Debra Messina (DM), Coach |
Leslie Bruce (LB), Coach |
Caleb Meahl (CM), Coach |
Joseph Kilyk (JK), Coach |
Anna Kilyk (AK), Coach |
Janice Spears (JS), Coach |
Kia Walk (KW), Coach |
Allan Lawson, Coach |
Maria Bly |
Atonya Sims |
Joseph Mitchell |
Paul Thorne |
Connie Hatley | 

Dan Joseph Mullen |
Darrin Harris |
PJ Wolfe |
Tamara Duran | 

Alex Douglas |
Nelsi  Ayala | (Spanish lang)
Tamara Dawn Rose |t
Ann Garcia |
Tom Marchesani |
Julie Thessien |  
Susan Rasmussen | 

Scott Vice |
Sonya Boyle | 


OKM International Prayer Watch

Omega Kingdom Ministry has prayer teams across the country and internationally. For the USA, our teams are broken down into ten regions. The map below shows the states included in each region: Ekklesia members can send prayer requests, donation requests, and volunteer assistance requests to the regional representative listed below. Region I– TBD Region II …

Overseas Training Centers

Welcome to Omega Kingdom Ministry Overseas Training Centers! Each country leader is responsible for leading/coaching students in the native language as they do Ekklesia Bootcamp Training. The overseers / leaders/ trainers are listed below: Australia: Malcolm George: Cambodia & Southeast Asia: Brian Resch: Canada: April Mcbride  – England and the U.K.: Heather Ashley: Germany: Harold …

What We Believe

WHAT WE BELIEVE AND PRACTICE That the Bible is the inspired Word of God. As such, it is without error in its original manuscripts, and it is fully, totally and uniquely reliable; always trustworthy, as the one essential guide for coming into relationship with our Creator. The Bible is our Guidebook for Life; for all …