Meet Our Team

Mark Taylor, Prophetic Voice -Official Spiritual Adviser
Michael Ortega & Strike Force of Prayer -Official Prayer Support Team

Mike Hoke (MH), Roundtable and Coach | Bio
JuLee Hoke (JH), Roundtable and Coach | Bio
Kevin Bushey (KB),Roundtable and Coach | Bio
Thomas Pierce (TP), Roundtable and Coach | Bio
Russ Wagner (RW), Roundtable and Coach  | Bio 
Melissa Leggett (ML), Roundtable and Coach | Bio
Dr. Coraleen Stuart, (CS), Roundtable and Coach  | [email protected]
James Heath (JH), Roundtable and Coach  |  [email protected]
Gaile Mitchell (GM), Roundtable and Coach  [email protected]

Rich Griffin, (RG), Coach  | [email protected]
James Heath (JH), Coach  |  [email protected]
Claire Miller (CM), Coach  |  [email protected]
Bill Miller (BM), Coach  | [email protected]
Julanda Dumay (JD), Coach  | [email protected]
Alan Hoeffner ( AH), Coach  | [email protected]
Sean Schryba (SS), Coach  | [email protected]
Ruth Schryba (RS), Coach  | [email protected]