A Word From the Front Lines

Fighters- story and short shots.1.The devil doesn’t start shooting until you go over the top’, is an illustration of the trench warfare of World War

1. The enemy didn’t start shooting at you until you came out of your trench and started to attack.

2. When we come out of our ‘trench’, and begin shooting truth bullets of the gospel and other truths, Satan and a lot of the world do not like it… and the Enemy will shoot back to stop you.

3. Another illustration is a story of Sam who worked on a plantation. His boss Mr. Jackson asked him one day why if you are a Christian, do you have so many problems and troubles. I don’t even believe in God and do not have as many problems as you!

4. Sam said, I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that one boss.Days later they were out duck hunting. Some of the ducks were killed instantly, while others were wounded and were trying to get away. Mr. Jackson yelled out to Sam, BAG THE LIVE ONES, BAG THE LIVES ONES, LEAVE THE DEAD ONES UNTIL LATER.

5. After dinner Sam said; ‘ Boss, I have the answer to your question of why Christians have more problems than unbelievers.I’m A LIVE ONE… the devil is afraid I’ll get away so he tries to capture me.You are a dead duck, the Devil already has you.

6. The first battle we win is our own salvation. Think of it; there are billions of people that are still not saved, so Salvation is a really big thing. It is THE thing , the first battle to be won.

7. Once we are saved, believe and received Jesus Christ, we have joined God’s army in the Greatest War ever, of the Kingdom of Heaven against the Kingdom of Hell, of Satan.

8. We are now soldiers and soldiers fight battles.It is very much the 5th columnists within, who live inside Enemy territory to carry out intelligence missions and blow up the enemy’s strongholds.

9. There have been other great fighters in history, some for God and others for various good causes.

10. Some of my favorites are Martin Luther, who stood against the whole Holy Roman Catholic Empire to free hundreds of millions with the simple gospel, for by grace are you saved; he that believes on the Son, HAS everlasting life.

11. William Tyndale who translated the Bible into English and was persecuted and hunted down like a criminal because of it.

12. William Wilberforce who practically single handedly stopped Slavery in Britain and her empire.

13. Samson who defied the Philistine government and freed his people single handedly.

14. Patton, who seemed to always cause a problem, when asked if it was true that he kept a Bible by his bed and read it… he answered, ‘Yes, every goddamn day’. Something soldiers would understand as their lives are hard and could soon be over.

15. Stephen, first martyr of Jesus’ first Ekklesia, the first church of Christians, met and loved the Lord together everyday, and then went out and turned the world upside down in the power of the Holy Ghost, which resulted in all of the known world becoming Christian.

16. Paul was a fanatic who started persecuting Christians, and then turned into the strongest disciple; nothing could stop him; shipwrecks, being stoned to death, persecutions, imprisonment, but the Lord kept using his life.

17. Donald Trump, perhaps one of the greatest fighters of this generation, who is doing the impossible, of taking down the whole deep state and shadow world government, despite the constant vicious attacks on him daily on every front. Paul the Apostle said:Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, where unto you are called and has professed a good profession before many witnesses. (I Timothy 6:1)- RC Stone

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Christine Mooney
Christine Mooney
11 months ago

Thanks Kevin for this ‘word in due season’. It’s the end of a day filled with so much seemingly bad news, and the growing realization that family and friends have been blinded by demonic propaganda that I feel so disconnected from an old life. Four years ago I had an experience with the Lord where I was caught up in a flood and carried away from my ‘place’ to a new and strange ‘place’. But God was keeping me in His Ark and I was safe. There were times when I stood on the rock, safe from the torrents. He… Read more »

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