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They Want Your Children

Prophetic Words

One of our students received these prophetic words on Jan 22. Please read and take it to heart: Click Here to Open

What Is QAnon?

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Russ Wagner Interview

Watch Russ’s latest interview:

Mark & Russ on Blessed 2 Teach

Mark’s prophesy on bending time:

Lesson 4 Comment

Over the years, I have often wondered why these non-denominational churches that are huge, (Mega churches) as they are known, are located in some of the most God forbidden locations in our major cities and satan’s attacks upon righteousness and moral government prevails what appears victory for evil. Evil is always growing and righteousness no …

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Witnessing to Others

One of our couples taking home congegrations training shared a witnessing story with us. They work at a local flea market on weekends and recently, an 89 year old man visited their booth and asked them about Jesus. He felt his walk in Christ was missing (not even sure Jesus existed). C & M were …

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A View on Home Congregations

Read more on Home Congregations from one of our Christian brothers, who recently penned this update on the subject. Click Here to Download.

A Healing Testimony

Ekklesia In Action! Miracle Testimony: from one of our Ekklesia brethren: I have a relative who’s granddaughter has a brain tumor. She has had multiple surgeries since preschool age. Because of the location of the tumor, complete removal was never an option. It was concerned that eventually, this tumor would take this child’s life. With …

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A Recent Testimonial

Dear Mr. Wagner, I am eager to begin this study course. I registered a few weeks ago and finally am ready to begin. I bought the books as e-books except one was only available as a real book and it should arrive on Friday. The Lord just keeps sending confirmations. Just on Monday, Prophet Kim …

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