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Boot Camp interview

Mark Taylor’s Latest Interview

A Prophetic Word

ATTENTION FORWARD MARCHOn the evening of April 21, 2020 while sleeping on my side, I woke up to a thumping sound and, as I laid there, it kept getting louder like the noise was getting closer. I finally asked the Lord what this noise was, and He revealed to me that it was the sound …

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Be the Light…

Dee Dee’s Witness

Boot Camp Grad: In Her Own Words

The Lord Is Rising

A Prophetic Word: Mar 25, 2020

VISION FOR THE EKKLESIA Wednesday, March 25, 2020– JuLee H For several weeks, as we taught our classes, I kept seeing out of the corner of my spiritual eye, a huge church building. It was collapsing. As a side wall split open, black blood and people were spilling out as though the church itself was …

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Time of Prayer & Fasting in America

Please read about the upcoming time of prayer and fasting in America starting April 1: Download Here

Prophetic Word of Today

Word from the Lord3-29-20 RESTORATION and RESTORING.  I am, says the Lord God Almighty, I am going to restore and make things new.  The battle scars are everywhere, but I am going in and restoration is going to happen in the land.  In My America, I am making a new thing.  The old is past …

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