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Meagan Pugh Testimonial

Urgent Prophecies

OKM Grad shares the monument story

Update on Mary A. Home 4 Kids

Good Morning!!Al and family arrived on Sat Eve, parked the RV in the yard!! Early Sun morning started in on the house…by Tues morning all walls were opened and ready¬† for the electricians!! Al and boys replaced the front porch on the house as the old was completely rotted out. GLORY TO GOD!!Tues afternoon started …

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Prophetic Word for 9/12

From God to Robert Christmas Stone: Prophecy for Ekklesia 9/12- My precious family, how I love your worship, your love, your prayer, your staying on Me.See how I have raised you up; see how I have given you a ministry to grow others, grow their faith and their souls.See how I have blessed this work …

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Ekklesia Testimonial

Had 20 people yesterday! It was glorious. Next week we will have 40+! Baptized one person in our pool. Four more messaged me who learned we were baptizing and want to get baptized next week. I reached out to a couple neighbors who clearly have pastoral callings and they are coming to help me next …

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County by County- Part 2

Tithing in God’s Kingdom

Hope For Prisoners

Eye Opening Testimony