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We Were Warned…in 1965

What Now? What’s Real?

Date: Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 11:42 AMSubject: NOW THAT THE UNTHINKABLE HAS HAPPENED…. WHAT NOW? Remember this current scenario was given to you the past week or so as a possibility. So why did this have to happen?  Let’s review:The military could not act before Noon yesterday as a LEGALLY appointed Commander in Chief existed …

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And Here We Are?

Do we really know reality or are we watching a movie?Read up on section 11.3 of this document:

Technocracy: New Controllers?

Bushey on Below the Line

Planetary Lockdown

Becoming Ekklesia

Our interview with Louise Scotti:

Restoring the Kingdom- New Classes

Our newest 3 module advanced course, Restoring the Kingdom, is now available for registration. Modules 1 and 2 start February 1, 2021. Read the descriptions of the modules at: These modules are designed to get activists trained and into the fight against the progressive/leftist/atheistic forces attempting to move our country to a socialist model.

Headed to DC…Jan 6th!

Dear Friends, By now many you have heard about the upcoming Trump March in DC on January 6th.We want to let you know the Wagners, the Pierces and the Busheys are all planning to be in D.C. for the 6th. We would love to connect with any of you that plan to come to DC …

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The Plot to Take Over America