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Refusing the Shot: 18 reasons why…

Read this blog and how 18 reasons to not get a shot are worth pondering over:

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EverGreen Ship: Ever Given

Is there more to this ship grounding than meets the eye?

The World is Awakening

Dear Freedom Fighters, I am writing this real quick from my phone, to encourage all of you that so many beautiful things are happening worldwide. How I wish that I was able to show it all with splendid videos and illustrated emails, but that is not possible right now. Hence, this simple text message. Remember …

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Babylon The Great Is Fallen?

From @lionessarising Website: Did I tell you I’m not a Bible theologian? Well, I’m not, so don’t expect a perfect exegesis of Scripture here. Then again, maybe it’s best that I haven’t been to seminary. Maybe it’s best that the only two things I have to rely on are a reliable translation of the Bible …

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Sunday Gathering: Equipping the Ekklesia 3-28-21

Becoming Ekklesia

Here are our interviews with Dr. Larry and Jolie Vierra:

A Plea For Sanity

It’s Time to Heal

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Vaccination Agenda

Listen in as Bards Scott Kesterson interviews Dr. Tenpenny. BardsFM, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and the Vaccination Agenda – 20210311