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EverGreen Ship: Ever Given

Is there more to this ship grounding than meets the eye?

Human Trafficking Update

Update on Mary A. Home 4 Kids

Good Morning!!Al and family arrived on Sat Eve, parked the RV in the yard!! Early Sun morning started in on the house…by Tues morning all walls were opened and ready¬† for the electricians!! Al and boys replaced the front porch on the house as the old was completely rotted out. GLORY TO GOD!!Tues afternoon started …

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County by County- Part 3

County by County- Part 2

War Coming to You…

Eye Opening Testimony

SRA: It’s Real

Why Hydroxi is Hated…

Facts on Masks

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) expert Tammy Clark, state of Michigan: Dr. Lisa Koche, Tampa, FL: America’s Frontline Doctors Summit_ Washington D.C. As you can see, YouTube already took this Press Release above down: Click Here for an alternate site. Short version: Click Here Their website (in case the censors delete the above) WOW! They have …

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