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New Advanced Class Starting

How to Study The Bible – by Thomas Pierce Starts March 3We are pleased to announce another advanced course that will be available for anyone who has completed and graduated from Bootcamp Home Congregation Training.   Coach Thomas Pierce will lead a class entitled: How to Study the Bible. In this course, we will discover and discuss various ways of …

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New Class Starting

For Bootcamp graduates, check out our new offering: Render to Ceasar, a civics course for Christians. Course info is available at: Ceasar. Slots filling up fast! Start date: Feb 26th, 6:30 PM EST.

Advanced Class Offering

Omega Kingdom Ministry is pleased to announce the availability of the following advanced class: The Ekklesia and the Kingdom of God – by Coach Russ Wagner Two classes are now open for bootcamp graduates interested in this training that is essentially an online Ekklesia with Bible Study…The Kingdom of God. Class details and a registration form are …

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