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They Cheated…Here’s How?

Listen to this podcast and learn how the Dems stole the election:

Lance Wallnau Weighs In

This was recently posted on Wallnau’s Facebook site: Behold The Future with Antichristian GOVERNMENTSo, you still think it’s safe to vote for today’s Democrats or to stay home on Election Day and not make your voice heard? The persecution is already starting in Virginia. Mike Huckabee just sent me this…They elected a Democratic legislature and …

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County by County- Part 2

A Foreigner Hits the Mark

COVID911- Insurgency

They Want America

DS Being Dismantled?

USA Under Fire

How to Get in This Fight

Looks like the sunday morning eQuipping the Ekklesia is over the target:An interloper wrote a nice hit piece on us: Just like clockwork! They think we are scared of their tactics. We be the storm they can’t handle…just sayin!

This Doc Speaks His Mind…