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What Now? What’s Real?

Date: Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 11:42 AMSubject: NOW THAT THE UNTHINKABLE HAS HAPPENED…. WHAT NOW? Remember this current scenario was given to you the past week or so as a possibility. So why did this have to happen?  Let’s review:The military could not act before Noon yesterday as a LEGALLY appointed Commander in Chief existed …

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And Here We Are?

Do we really know reality or are we watching a movie?Read up on section 11.3 of this document:

What is Going On in DC?

Warning: We have received this info yet we ask all of you to discern and take it to the Lord. There is a lot of disinfo right now. We do have faith in the folks who have shared this with us. We will correct anything we find out that is not right once we have …

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Bushey on Below the Line

We Are In It! Don’t Surrender!

The Plot to Take Over America

Are we at War?

Watch the Epoch Times latest deep dive on Election Fraud: Click Here

You Awake Yet?

The New Religion = The Great Reset?

Robert Christmas Stone Weighs In

NO MORE!! I Will Not Hold It Back! 11/19 – Prophecy of Power (these words came in the middle of the night in power as I was praying and praising God and talking to Jesus) (Jesus Speaking)I gave Moses every detail of how to make the temple. I whispered in his ear and he was …

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