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Lorraine Day, M.D.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

EverGreen Ship: Ever Given

Is there more to this ship grounding than meets the eye?

Real Health vs the Fakers

In case Youtube deletes it, here is our download:

The World is Awakening

Dear Freedom Fighters, I am writing this real quick from my phone, to encourage all of you that so many beautiful things are happening worldwide. How I wish that I was able to show it all with splendid videos and illustrated emails, but that is not possible right now. Hence, this simple text message. Remember …

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Things Are Happening

From Brother Mark: I found this to be very profound in the current environment of having everything we don’t want shoved down our throats. Dates have come and gone, but the fight is being waged.Consider this….If the Deep State actually controlled the U.S. Military, they would not need to be:- suppressing and deleting social media accounts- …

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Babylon The Great Is Fallen?

From @lionessarising Website: Did I tell you I’m not a Bible theologian? Well, I’m not, so don’t expect a perfect exegesis of Scripture here. Then again, maybe it’s best that I haven’t been to seminary. Maybe it’s best that the only two things I have to rely on are a reliable translation of the Bible …

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Sunday Gathering: Equipping the Ekklesia 3-28-21

Becoming Ekklesia

Here are our interviews with Dr. Larry and Jolie Vierra:

A Plea For Sanity