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Devolution and the Reveal

We brought an update on our government Devolution Plan last Sunday. Here’s an depth dive into the subject from a couple of sources. 8 Part Series:Part 1: ​​ 2: Part 3:  Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: ​​ 7: Part 8: The Reveal will likely start once the Election Fraud …

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We Have Rights!

COVID Shot Religous Exemption Forms

Download from here

Preparing for the Truth…

Letters to decline Vax shots

SOURCES  FOR  LETTERS to deal with (mandatory) vaccines– for employers, universities, schools, etc. PERK- Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids

Is Forced Vaccination Rape?

What Is the Devil Doing?

A Shot Heard Around the World

Mainstream media does not want you to know the data found in this document. Download this pdf and share with others.Shot Heard Around the World

Regarding Hopium

Were we duped by Q? Only time will tell….

Operation Underground Railroad Fundraiser