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The New Religion = The Great Reset?

Robert Christmas Stone Weighs In

NO MORE!! I Will Not Hold It Back! 11/19 – Prophecy of Power (these words came in the middle of the night in power as I was praying and praising God and talking to Jesus) (Jesus Speaking)I gave Moses every detail of how to make the temple. I whispered in his ear and he was …

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Return to Covenant!

Separatists Voyage

Special Prayer Alert

SPECIAL PRAYER ALERT  Wednesday, November 11, 2020 A group called Jericho March, is organizing Noon marches daily at each State Capitol and every Court House in every county from now until December. 14.  December 14 is the date the Electoral College casts it votes for the U.S. Presidential Election.  The Lord God says in James 2:14-26, “Faith without …

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They Cheated…Here’s How?

Listen to this podcast and learn how the Dems stole the election:

Watchmen Wanted

The Forefathers Monument