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Trump Ends Reliance on Foreign Drugmakers

President Trump Is Ending America’s Reliance On Foreign Countries For Vital Supplies ________________________________ “The coronavirus shows the importance of bringing manufacturing back to America so that we are producing, at home, the medicines and equipment and everything else that we need to protect the public’s health.” – President Donald J. Trump The Trump Administration is …

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A Foreigner Hits the Mark

Facts on Masks

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) expert Tammy Clark, state of Michigan: Dr. Lisa Koche, Tampa, FL: America’s Frontline Doctors Summit_ Washington D.C. As you can see, YouTube already took this Press Release above down: Click Here for an alternate site. Short version: Click Here Their website (in case the censors delete the above) https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/summithttps://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/ WOW! They have …

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Fear Or Fearless

The Vaccine Debate

Fighting for Our Freedom

Interview with Mike Ortega

Ekklesia vs. Church

Listen to this 2 part series on Ekklesia vs Church, a podcast by Ted Weiland Part 1: mp3 Part 2: mp3

Interview with Melissa Leggett

eQuipping the Ekklesia: 7/5/20