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The Tribulations of War

Hoaxes Perpetrated on Americans

Read this blog post on the multiple hoaxes perpetrated on Americans: Corey’s Digs on Hoaxes

Explaining Qanon


Word From the Lord

To Laura P., 2-15-20, 10:30pm: Their goal was to tear down My America and have it become a part of the globalized world. Their evil had penetrated every system in America. The education system, the medical system, the religious system and many more have been part of an evil plan to take down America. NO …

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They Want Your Children

New Advanced Class Starting

How to Study The Bible – by Thomas Pierce Starts March 3We are pleased to announce another advanced course that will be available for anyone who has completed and graduated from Bootcamp Home Congregation Training.   Coach Thomas Pierce will lead a class entitled: How to Study the Bible. In this course, we will discover and discuss various ways of …

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Mark Taylor on Edge of Wonder

New Class Starting

For Bootcamp graduates, check out our new offering: Render to Ceasar, a civics course for Christians. Course info is available at: Ceasar. Slots filling up fast! Start date: Feb 26th, 6:30 PM EST.

Time to Brush Up On Agenda 21