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Operation Lock and Load: Prayers until Nov 3 (election day in America) and after.
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PRAYER ALERT: November 11, 2020

Post Election Prayers:

  •  Pray that those defending the truth of this election will have Wisdom and truth to reveal the way in which we are to walk!
  • Pray for those who are corrupt in the media; that their shame will be revealed, and that more will step forward to reveal the truth!
  • Pray that Justice will fall on those who have chosen evil/death over life/good!
  • Pray to remain faithful to the covenant with God, and to bless His Holy Name in all that we walk through in these days!
  • Pray that just as Abraham was trusted by God, we, too, will remain faithful to His Covenant!
  • Pray for reconciliation in this time of division, chaos and hate!
  • Pray to have boldness like Yeshuah, to speak out against those of the Kingdom of darkness; using Wisdom to soften their hard hearts!  

To all,  We want to write a short declaration that EVERYONE who truly loves and believes in God and Jesus and the power of the Kingdom of God needs to start declaring over America.  It is time to stop reading/hearing/repeating and complaining about COVID, the “shutdown” and the Plandemic.  It is time for the people of God to take action and to TAKE CONTROL.   I am not going to waste time talking about all the science; we KNOW masks don’t work and that the plandemic is about the election, lets just do what Jesus said:  Decree and Declare that the power of Heaven is unleashed.  Here it goes:

1.”Father, as your Kingdom Ambassador here on earth, I Decree an END to all of this ‘COVID’ and ‘riot’ nonsense, which allowed demons and men to control what has happened to America (and the world).  I now choose to live in the power given to us from the Kingdom of Heaven.  I NOW Declare a release of Heaven’s power over the earth.  I Release Your angels to fight and destroy the demons behind this subjection and I Release Your Holy Spirit to strengthen Your people as they pray for the healing and truth of Jesus to be released upon the earth and all the people.  I BIND fear and loose Heaven’s honor and strength.  I BIND disease and replace it with divine health.  I BIND timidity and replace it with Your boldness.  I BIND sheepishness and replace it with Your Lion’s Heart.  I BIND the lies of the devil and replace them with Your Truth.  As I choose to put on the full armor of God, lead me in my prayers as I head to war.  I call Your Truth down, binding the lies and fear and releasing healing and peace.   In the name of Jesus, Amen!”

In this covid19 crisis and through our persistent and ongoing prayers and
actions, may we be fitting tools in your hand to war against
principalities and powers and rulers of darkness (who yearn for humanity’s
suffering and demise) thereby curtailing civil strife and suffering, and
removing the need by governments to implement strong measures in order to
maintain peace.

2.) Bind, expose and dis-empower principalities and powers and their
followers who would seek to inflame the emotion of fear using this virus
in order to provoke social strife through various means, including but not
limited to the deliberate misstating of the numbers of infections and/or
deaths due to the coronavirus, or by the deliberate non-availability of
helpful medical implements and equipment.

3.) Expose, rebuke and apply appropriate justice to those who seek to use
various methods of reducing the world’s population, whether through the
use of bioweapons like this coronavirus, by forcing the use of toxic
vaccines, or the fomenting of war for profit (as per the U.N. Biodiversity
Assessment, ISBN #1-521-56481-6).

4.) In Your Mercy, please cause this covid19 bioweapon to lose it’s
potency and rapidly mutate out of it’s ability to infect, while also
revealing to the medical community and the population as a whole all
viable cures and treatments, bringing them continually to the attention of
victims, medical personnel and lawmakers, and expose the motives of those
who wish to foment and profit from social discord by insisting on the
shut-down of the economy while waiting for a far-in-the-future vaccine,
while suppressing the knowledge of legitimate and presently approved and
available cures such as hydroxychloroquinn, Z-paks, the mineral zinc,
Ivermectin, and natural nutrients which strengthen and maintain the body’s
immune system, such as Vitamins A and natural D3, zinc, and others.

5.) Lord, please expose the corruption in the highest levels of all
Federal agencies, and let there be a call to reorganize or eliminate some,
or affect how they operate by placing as many competent and moral people
as possible into positions of authority in those agencies.

Increase the amount of media attention given to those who are trying to
expose the pharmaceutical industry’s practice of incorporating harmful
toxic ingredients into many vaccines, and end the pharmaceutical
industry’s immunity from lawsuits that have been initiated against them
(due to harm caused to those who were vaccinated).

6.) Lord, please inspire decision-makers to encourage the production of
essential commodities by MANY countries, and not allow any ONE nation to
be so heavily dominant (like China, which produced 97% of the world’s
medications and nutritional supplements) so that the world as a whole will
never again be so adversely affected by any singular disaster within any
particular producing nation.

7.) Lord; please expose and frustrate Deep State attempts to use this
covid19 situation as an excuse to nullify or minimize People’s rights as
spelled out in our Nation’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. Frustrate the
efforts of some to use the Covid Crisis to “program” or “train” people to
be “obedient sheep,” or use people’s ignorance as a means of installing
over-reaching and tyrannical government.

8.) Expose, rebuke, and cause righteous judgment to be applied to those
who knowingly seek to MISUSE governmental authority entrusted to them and
the Federal agencies, thereby causing unnecessary suffering and pain
through errant policies promoted by the United Nations (U.N.), the World
Health Organization (WHO), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), the FDA
(Food and Drug Administration), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
and others.

9.) Lord, let a heightened sense of personal responsibility and common
sense be re-established in the general populace. May the attitude and
‘word’ of Maine’s Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols in a statement on
the Franklin County Facebook page be echoed all across the country. (In
response to Maine Governor Janet Mill’s “stay at home” orders [with arrest
if not followed], Sheriff Nichols said “We will not be setting up a Police
State…PERIOD!” “This is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia where you are
asked for your ‘papers'”).

Let us experience this truth, Lord…”When the righteous are in authority,
the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” (Prov.
29:2 NKJV)
Also…help the whole of the people of this nation as well as the whole
world cry out in repentance of their sins, that you might ‘hear from
heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land!’ (2 Chron. 7:14,

10.) And lastly, Lord; please fall upon President Trump with Your Holy
Spirit, giving him strength to endure all trials, and impart to him wisdom
in his dealings with the media, Agency/Department heads, and the affairs
of State. Protect him and his family from the coronavirus, any attempts to
discredit him, and all unrighteous opposition of every sort,from every
quarter. In Jesus’Name and for His Glory! AMEN!

Composed 4/10/2020 by Gary J. Holcombe, Maine Strike Force of Prayer, and
the Aroostook Prayer Network.